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Smaller Fleets Give More Satisfaction To Truck Drivers & Technicians: WorkHound Report

TNI || New Delhi || 7th Oct 2021

According to WorkHound’s mid-year report, drivers, technicians, and office workers in the trucking industry are more likely to be satisfied in small and mid-sized companies.

During a Truckload Association Webinar, these results were presented. The feedback from the drivers dates to 2021 and was gathered through weekly anonymous submissions from more than 10000 drivers, technicians, office staff from as many as 77 trucking companies.

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As per the report, it is revealed that the drivers tend to prefer smaller companies having less than 500 workers.

The report showed positive comments, more praise, and higher satisfaction levels when it came to smaller companies. It is well to be noted that small companies received 50% more praise than large companies.

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Max Farrell, CEO & Co-founder at WorkHound says that at small companies, workers are used to more frequent and personal communication, which at times is missed at bigger setups.

As per Kim Daigel, VP of Human Resources at P&S Logistics, the attempt to reaching out to other people gets diminished when organizations scale up their operations.

He adds that in their organization, although they have grown to be a larger setup, they have maintained aspects of culture that made them successful when they were small.

Daigel adds that to this day, they empower driver managers to solve their driver issues and have made sure to keep the number of truck drivers per drive manager lower.