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With A Range of 200 Kilometres, Strom R3 Three-Wheel EV Costs Rs 4.5 Lakh

TNI || New Delhi || 22nd April 2022

EVs have been making waves in India for the past several years, and the future for electric vehicles in the country appears brighter than ever, with multiple global and local manufacturers getting ready to launch their vehicles.

The Strom-R3 is one such Indian electric vehicle that has made headlines due to its low cost and creative approach to the concept. The two-seater, three-wheeled EV costs about Rs 4.5 lakh (ex-showroom).

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The vehicle, which measures 2,915mm long, 1,510mm wide, and 1,545mm in height, has a design that accentuates its diminutive size.

From certain angles, the front fascia resembles that of the Mahindra e2o, but it takes a more modern approach with a tall and wide grille piece that stretches from both ends and wraps over the bonnet.

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On either side are hexagonal-shaped doors, after which the chassis is upswept from the bottom and a black waistband blends into a tail, revealing the unique design.

The small vehicle even has a small sunroof and a single wheel at the back. Three screens are installed in the interiors, one spanning 7 inches and the other two measuring 4.3 inches and 2.4 inches, respectively.

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The infotainment, instrumentation, plus climate control screens are located here. On the dash board, there are two air conditioning vents, and the inside is two-toned in black and light grey.

4G connectivity, voice control, navigation, gesture control, and other capabilities are included in the Strom-R3.

The R3’s safety features have not been disclosed by Strom Motors, but given that it is built on a high-strength steel space-frame, it is assumed that the engine requires a very light construction approach to keep the weight low at 550kg for both efficiency and the rear wheel’s ability to handle the load.

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The lack of lateral stability of single-rear-wheeled three-wheel vehicles, i.e., the vehicle is more likely to topple over to its side when turning, especially at greater speeds, has long been recognised as a drawback. At the front, disc brakes are used, and at the back, a drum brake is utilized.

The Strom-R3 is propelled by a single electric engine with a 15kW output and 90Nm of torque. An extremely high reduction gearbox is mated to this.

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The top speed is reported to be 80 kilometres per hour, with three alternative Li-ion battery configurations allowing a claimed range of 120, 160, or 200 kilometres. The three driving modes available are Eco, Normal, as well as Sport.

The Strom-R3 is sold at Rs 4.5 lakh (ex-showroom), and 165 units have already been reserved by a Mumbai-based company.

Dibakar Yadav

Author and Founder of Trucking News India