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Department of Energy Project To Develop Wireless Charging Systems For Class 8 Trucks

TNI || New Delhi || 3rd Oct 2021

Kenworth and developer of high-power inductive charging solutions for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification (WAVE), are going to participate in the U.S. DOE’s, electrified powertrain project will build a 1-megawatt charging system- all wireless, for Class 8 electric trucks.

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The main beneficiary of the cooperative agreement is going to be Kenworth, which will collaborate with WAVE as well as UTAH State University on the system design.

The project will have WAVE systems at each end of the regional route, which will be between Seattle, Oregon, and Portland. 1 megawatt of power will be delivered by each charging station which will be in the form of roadway embedded charging pads.

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These facilities will be in Seattle and Portland and will be exclusively catering to Kenworth T680 next-gen battery electric vehicle, thereby enabling it to exceed the 150-mile range and complete the entire 400-mile route.

The fully automated system which is going to be hands-free, will charge vehicles during the scheduled stop and also help fleets to achieve driving ranges that match up with the erstwhile internal combustion engines.

Besides, this concept of wireless in-route charging will also maintain battery life.

As WAVE CTO, Michael Masquelier rightly puts it; the work they are doing with Kenworth and Utah State University will make sure that the fleet operators extend their heavy-duty EV range and help to make the industry’s zero-emission goal very much possible.