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The All-New 47X From Western Star Unveiled

The All-New 47X From Western Star Unveiled

TNI || New Delhi || 24th Sept 2021

Western Star, which is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, has introduced the 47X vocational truck, which is a lighter-weight version of the Western Star 49X.

The introduction of this variant will extend the Western Star X-Series into completely new vocational applications.

The new version will have a 111.6” bumper-to-back-of cab and will be suitable for applications that require a shorter overall vehicle length.

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The variant will also offer a mode of 110.8” BBC for vocations that have to stick with federal or local bridge law necessities like mixers or super dumps.

Due to the shorter hood and a wheel that is cut up to 50 degrees, the 47X will offer more maneuverability for working on construction sites, or at places which has congested urban environments.

As per Tracy Mack-Askew from Daimler Trucks North America, the priority was to reduce mass without having to compromise on strength.

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So from cab to the powertrain to batter configurations, all features were examined to deliver weight savings for better productivity, which would lead to more profitability.

As far as the mass is concerned, the 47X is approximately 200 pounds lighter than the 49X and can be best put in use for weight-sensitive applications such as mixers as well as bulk haul.

The platform also offers a new 9.5 mm single-channel rail option against 11 mm rail.

When it comes to the cab, the mass is reduced by up to 8%, and a space-optimized in-cab battery box allows extra legroom to the operator.

The new 47X can be ordered now, and its delivery is expected to begin in early 2022.