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Volvo’s New I-Torque Technology Boosts Fuel Efficiency

TNI || New Delhi || 17th March 2022

Volvo Electric Truck

Volvo Trucks North America claims that its new Volvo I-Torque alternative for the latest D13 Turbo Compound engine allows the truck to perform at its best with up to a 31% boost in energy economy across the speed range, attaining up to 8.5 mpg at 85 mph.

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The D13 Turbo Compound engine, the I-Shift transmission with overdrive capabilities, adaptive gear shift strategy, a new map-based version of Volvo I-See predictive cruise control, load-sensing software, and low rear axle ratios as low as 2.15 are all part of the I-Torque package.

The I-Torque configuration blends the fuel efficiency benefits of direct drive with the efficiency and flexibility of overdrive using Volvo Trucks’ 13-speed I-Shift function with crawler gear.

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Volvo officials claimed in a news release that at highway speeds, the technology will pick from direct drive or overdrive to maximise fuel efficiency without compromising work performance and productivity.

I-Shift, in conjunction with the enhanced version of the I-See technology, which utilises real-time map-based information and GPS position, controls speed and gear-shifting in even the most fuel-efficient fashion on any route or terrain, saving up to 1%.

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According to the business, lower engine RPMs while functioning provide a more delightful experience of driving with a calmer cab atmosphere and decreased engine vibration, further boosting the VNL driving experience.

In today’s demanding and quickly shifting transportation business environment, I-Torque is the remedy for those customers who really need to stay competitive with a truck that takes fuel economy and optimum performance to the next level without any compromises, says Director product marketing, Volvo Trucks, North America.

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The business landscape is a classic illustration, with diesel costs approaching $4 a gallon and transportation under severe strain.

Volvo Trucks said in a statement that attaching the I-Torque option to the D13TC motor, which is already standard in all VNL sleeper variants, will provide immediate benefits and competitive advantages to fleet owners and drivers.