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Volvo’s D13TC Engine Now On All VNL Models

TNI || New Delhi || 09th Oct 2021

The D13TC engine is known to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time, enhance the fuel economy as well.

In markets like Europe, this engine kind has exceeded expectations and proven to be fuel-efficient, popular, and also dependable with drivers.

There is a growing sense of confidence among Volvo Trucks North America customers as the orders have kept increasing due to the release of the next generation D13TC engine last year.

Fuel efficiency has always been a top priority for Volvo Trucks customers in order to run a successful business. In the Volvo fraternity of VNL 740,760, and 860 models, the new D13TC engine gives out more fuel savings during long hauls or even local deliveries, be it, full or partially loaded.

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The D13TC delivers fuel efficiency of almost 11% compared to the erstwhile Volvo truck models of 2015. According to Johan Agebrand, Product Marketing Director at Volvo Trucks, by getting into production of D13TC engine in the VNL lineup, they are taking the fuel economy and performance to another level.

The new D13TC engine also elevates the performance efficiency across a wide range of applications such as tanker, flatbed, and bulk haul.

A standard feature on D13TC like the Dynamic Torque enables the vehicle to sync with the exact load without letting the performance of the vehicle get impacted.

The freight operators benefit from the versatility of the system and decreased impact of fluctuations in the fuel prices. Besides, drivers also tend to benefit from responsiveness and uphill power. 

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