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To Its Spectrum of Electromobility Projects, Volvo Trucks Adds Electric Fleet Charging Start-ups

To Its Spectrum of Electromobility Projects, Volvo Trucks Adds Electric Fleet Charging Start-ups

TNI || New Delhi || 25th Sept 2021

Volvo Trucks has taken the road to build a community of innovators that will help them build and design solutions that are required for a more sustainable transport system.

The innovation lab of Volvo, which is located in Silicon Valley, is where the company can collaborate with start-ups to analyze emerging trends, validate new products, and have real-world insights that will support customers to enhance both their environmental and economic goals.

Peter Voorhoeve, President of Volvo Trucks North America, says that the company is committed to continuing to lead the global movement for decarbonizing transport.

At the time of the commercialization of their Class 8 electric model, they realized the need to work with various partners to build an ecosystem for e-mobility.

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He adds that Volvo Trucks is collaborating with many companies across the industry spectrum to put forth a range of strategies that will help in achieving goals that include supporting emerging service and solution providers through their innovation lab.

Significantly, at this lab, collaborations and ideas get generated from the startup community. One of the successful examples is AMPLY Power, which is an electric vehicle charging management provider that commenced its work in the lab in 2019.

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This company has already shared its details on the challenges that are faced in the charging infrastructure.

In return, what Volvo has done is share its real-world experience of working with multiple customers who have installed the charging infrastructure that supports the laying out of

Volvo VNR Electrics.

The Volvo VNR Electric model has been deployed to various fleets across the U.S. that support drayage, local and regional distribution.

Says Vic Shao, the CEO, and Founder of Amply Power, that today, customers need integrated solutions which give out guaranteed performance while also optimizing the charging operations.