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TNI Volta Zero

Software-Based Solutions For Volta Trucks To Be Provided By Sibros

TNI || New Delhi || 23rd Sept 2021

Volta Trucks has announced that Sibros will provide its software-based connected solutions to the Volta Zero fleet.

Volta claims that its Volta Zero variant is the world’s first full-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle which is purpose-built and manufactured specifically for freight distribution in cities.

As per the media release by Volta, the partnership between them and Sibros will provide end-to-end data and software solutions.

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This collaboration journey will begin with the Sibros Deep Logger integration to provide the trucks with a real-time and relevant vehicle and fleet data management.

The said vehicle platform will provide customers with access to driver alerts, the infrastructure pertaining to charging, and service, maintenance, and insurance data as well.

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All this will thus provide Volta Trucks transparency and also control over what kind of data is collected and with whom should it be shared. CEO and Co-Founder of Sibros,

Hemant Sikaria confirmed that their company is thrilled to partner with Volta Trucks to accelerate the development of their connected platforms for vehicles as well as fleets.

As per Ian Collins, Volta Trucks’ Chief Product Officer, Volta will now be able to perform remote diagnostics and also data analysis through the partnership which will further result in operational efficiency of customers and partners alike.