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Volta Gets An Order of 1500 Electric Trucks From DB Schenker

TNI || New Delhi || 1st Dec 2021

Schenker, a Deutsche Bahn logistic unit, has decided to place an order of 1500 electric trucks from Volta Trucks.

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The company plans to utilize the fleet for transporting goods from European terminals to city centers as well as urban areas.

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According to what has been decided, Schenker will make prototype electric trucks during the spring and summer of 2022 as far as distribution operations are concerned, and the findings shall be used thoroughly to manufacture 1470 trucks.

The trucks will be made at the former MAN Truck facility in Austria, which is now controlled by Steyr Automotive.

Upon delivery, the electric trucks will operate in 10 DB Schenker locations spread across five countries. Notably, Volta Trucks has plans to commence the production of a 16-tonne electric truck Volta Zero in 2022.

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The reason why logistics companies have been bent upon going for an electric fleet is that ban on fossil fuels will start taking shape in years to come across various European centers, and thus it will be important to have zero emissions alternatives, electric being the most sustainable of all.

Cyrille Bonjean, EVP for land transport in Europe at Schenker, says that the partnership with Volta increases the pace of the electrification of their fleet and gives them an option of investing in greener transport solutions.