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V-Trans (India) Ltd. Expands Its Fleet of CNG Trucks

TNI || New Delhi || 26th April 2022

V-Trans (India) Ltd, a leading single-window logistics solution provider, has fulfilled its sustainability objectives.

Even as it participates in CSR as well as other ecological sustainability initiatives such as plantation, rural life upliftment, and energy saving, the company is working to harness the power of the sun and is committed to reducing pollution in its fleet.

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Group Managing Director, V-Trans (India) Ltd, Mahendra Shah, said that they are honoured to become the first owners of an Ashok Leyland CNG vehicle.

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They want to make sustainable living simple, profitable for businesses, and trendy for change. The goal is to work toward a more sustainable future for humanity.

He added that they are excited to be a company that is focused on sustainability.

They are interested in learning more about what the Ashok Leyland group has planned for the future in terms of sustainable commercial vehicles, since this would enable them to make a tangible contribution to nature and society. 

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Shah further said that they have also purchased CNG trucks from Swaraj Mazda, Tata Motors, as well as Eicher and they have a fair number of less-polluting vehicles in the fleet now.

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V-Trans India Ltd, a leading logistics solution provider, is a six-decade-old firm that has grown from a typical transportation player to a national logistics solution provider.

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The company offers complete surface transportation, multimodal express freight movement, warehousing, and 3PL services through its 3 business verticals: V Trans, V Logis, and V Xpress.

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