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UK Elongates Truck Driver VISA’s Due To Fuel Crisis

TNI || New Delhi || 4th Oct 2021

The truck driver’s emergency VISA program has been extended by the British government as shortage of fuel showed signs of an abating weekend, more so in London & South East England.

Late Friday, in an announcement, the Conservative government confirmed that temporary visas for nearly 5,000 foreign truck drivers that hopefully will be recruited would run until the February end, instead of expiring on Christmas eve.

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This makeshift arrangement, however, drew a lot of criticism as it wasn’t attractive enough to get foreign drivers on board. As per the program, the government is hoping to get 300 fuel drivers who would come to the U.K. immediately and could stay put until March next year.

Another 4700 VISA’s were intended to be offered for foreign food truck drivers, which will last from the end of October till February next year.

Furthermore, to ease the pressure off at the pumps, almost 200 military personnel, which include 100 drivers, would get rolling by Monday to ensure relief from fuel supply shortages resulting in empty pumps and long queues at the gas filling stations.

As per the government, with these steps in place, the situation was already improving.

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