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Truckload Service Prices Hit The Highest In October

TNI || New Delhi || 26th Nov 2021

The truckload service prices have spiked to their highest level in October as shippers are willing to pay a premium for their consignments when it comes to moving them through the supply chain.

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The DAT truckload volume was pegged at 239 in October with a jump of 2% from the previous month.

The index measures the refrigerated and flatbed loads as well as the dry vans that were moved by truckload carriers in September.

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According to Ken Adamo, the chief of analytics at DAT Freight & Analytics, due to the disappointing progress of the intermodal yards & warehouses and congested ports, a number of retailers and online sellers took on higher prices on the truckload so that their freight was positioned successfully for the shopping period in November and December.

As for the national average rate on the spot market for van loads is concerned, it rose to 3 cents to every $2.87 per mile in October.

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The monthly average rate has increased for the last five months in continuation and is up by 47 cents YOY. The Reefer and Flatbed spot rates have averaged to above $3 per mile for consecutive six months.