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Trucking Associations Ask Biden Administration For Solutions Concerning Supply Chain

TNI || New Delhi || 5th Nov 2021

More than 90 associations and organizations that represent various sectors of the supply chain have called Biden Administration in the U.S. to take five formidable actions to curb myriad of challenges that are impacting the country’s supply chain.

The coalition of associations includes American Trucking Associations, Truckload Carrier Association, NATSO, National Tank Truck Carriers as well as other trucking organizations.

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The actions that these associations intend to take comprise of a pilot program to help employers create a plan related to apprenticeship and allow drivers in the age of 18-20 years to operate in the interstate trade.

The association also wants the government to promote a career in supply chain and transportation. Besides, flexibility on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is also a request that is made by the associations.

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In addition to the above, providing relief as well as the flexibility to the hours of service and regulations is a priority that needs to be addressed according to the consortium.

Investigating the causes of issues at ports and working collaboratively to get rid of bottlenecks has been another area that needs to be paid heed to.

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The coalition in a letter written to the administration states that, while they represented different industries, a common burden of supply chain disruptions is shared by each of them, which is leading to price increase as well shortage of goods in the country and with a holiday season coming up, things are looking bleak.