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Trucker Shortage May Lead To Britain Easing Visa Rules

TNI || New Delhi || 26th Sep 2021

Britain may soon announce plans to issue temporary work visas to truckers.

It will be done since there is an acute labor shortage which has, in turn, led to rationing of fuel at many gas stations with long queues and also pumps drying out at some places.

Retailers have already warned of a significant amount of disruptions that will run up to Christmas. Prime Minister’s office has confirmed that it is looking to take up certain temporary measures to address the shortage of drivers of heavy goods vehicles.

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It has also been reported in newspapers that the government has plans to allow almost 5000 foreign drivers into Britain on short-term visas.

This is something that logistic companies and retailers had demanded for months, but the government hadn’t paid heed to.

As per the UK’s Road Haulage Association, Britain currently needs more than 100,000 drivers if the demand needs to be met.

The trucker shortage can be blamed partially on Brexit and COVID-19, due to which the training and testing of drivers were put on hold.

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As per the Prime Minister’s office, temporary measures are looked into to avoid any immediate problems, however, these measures will be strictly time regulated.

Downing Street has refrained from giving further statements on this.

Ministers have warned against panic buying, and as per the oil companies, there isn’t any shortage of supplies. The problem is merely delivering the fuel to the gas station.