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Trucking News India || D Yadav || 13 July 2020

The straight answer of this question is no, because there are not enough multi brand truck servicing centers are available in India.

In this article we will discuss practical problems of multi brands trucks servicing centers.

We will also examine in this article what are those difficulties? And why it seems not very practical?   

Truck Maintenance are very important:

Let us understand the importance of maintenance first. Heavy duty trucks carry load on the road in all most all conditions. To ensure the safe journey and timely delivery of load at destinations.

Thus we need to make sure that the vehicle is in healthy and good condition to reach the destination.

Therefore, fleet maintenance must be on top priority and it should always go through a preventive maintenance check list.

Benefits of Truck Maintenance:

The importance and benefits of truck / fleet maintenance for heavy trucks are many such as:

Minimum risk of On-Road breaks down, since there are less numbers of breakdowns it saves Money, decreases risk while traveling on highway, reduce down time.

Proper maintenance makes Your fleet look professional and it makes the fleet fuel efficient.

After Sales Service:

After sales service is a very important aspects in any sales activity, especially for a technology-based product.

While travelling on highway if you need maintenance/breakdown services chances are you will not get the authorised centre immediately because maximum OEMs creates and operates on the grid of exclusive service centre for their brands only.

Less Practical multiband truck service centre:    

The dynamics of creating difference with technology/exclusive technology product like trucks, makes it less practical to go for multiband truck service center.    

Since market dynamics force the OEMs to build truck with difference and suitable to customers.

It generates requirement of Involvement of R&D, specific technology and various other technological innovations to built a truck which has a an ege in the market place.  

Therefore, when it comes to maintenance it takes the same root of exclusive service centre as required by product as well. And over all it has an angle of data privacy of vehicle as well.

Benefits of Multi Brand Truck Service Centre:

If you look at in terms of handling emergency situation multi brand truck service centre would more effective in terms of cost and service delivery.

But for many reasons as explained earlier, exclusivity or speciality acquires more focus of OEMs and the concept of multi brand truck service centre facilities takes a back seat.

More effort needed from OEMs to build

Possibilities to create multi brand truck service centre are not very bright.  Challenge pertaining to technical and marketing dynamics are huge before OEMs.

 If they can create a coherence and mutual understanding at least for some very common technical platform where resources can be shared for multi brands, it can open up a way for multi brand truck services facilities centres.

Rare Multi Brand Truck Servicing:

In India multi brand truck servicing centres are very rare. You will not find it as a normal practice in India.


However, Chennai based Parveen Automobiles Pvt Ltd is providing multi brnad service facilities under the brand name Motorzone.

They provide heavy and commercial vehicle integrated services; the company handles vehicle service for all major vehicle manufactures.

They operate an exclusive Authorized Service Centre for OEM’s like Ashok Leyland, AMW, etc. The company is a part of AB Business Enterprises who specializes in Travel, Transportation and Logistics for the past 5 decades.

 The group is diversified into industry verticals like ranging from Automobile & related services; Tours & Travels; Cargo & Parcel; Manpower supply & services, Hospitality & Restaurants.

Established in 2010, MOTORZONE is an integrated service facility for medium & heavy commercial vehicles (Buses & Trucks) exclusive for vehicle manufacturers.  

Alltrucks in Europe :

Similarly, in European market a joint venture of the three leading automotive and commercial vehicle suppliers Bosch, Knorr-Bremse and ZF, Alltrucks GmbH & Co KG Nutzfahrzeugwerkstätten.

Offers comprehensive services for the maintenance and repair of light to heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, truck & trailer service under the brand Alltrucks.

 These include multi-brand vehicle diagnostics, a technical hotline, tailor-made training, technical information, 24-hour service, marketing support and professional quality management.

The Munich-based system head office is continually expanding its range of services by adding new cooperative projects & fleet partners throughout Europe.

Good Idea:

Running cost of Truck Service Centres are very high, therefore it is a good idea that if, OEMs can come up with some workable templet for multi brand truck service canter.

It will create cost efficiency and universal availability of services to truck drivers and fleet owners.