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Truck Drivers: ArriveCan Education To Be A Regular Approach By Canada As Border Vaccination Requisite Approaches

TNI || New Delhi || 08th Dec 2021

As proof of being jabbed is now required for all travelers through the ArriveCan app, the Canadian government is leaving no stone unturned in reminding all cross-border commercial truck drivers that the submission of ArriveCan data remains a pre-requisite upon arrival.

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The government authorities confirm that they will be continuing to work with the segment and take the education first approach until 15th Jan when the border vaccination requirement comes into force.

The Federal government has also issued a statement where they have mentioned that the truck drivers who haven’t submitted their information through ArriveCan before reaching the border will have to collect it at PIL.

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The failure to submit the info through ArriveCan shall result in an enforcement action.

The Government of Canada has also made it mandatory for all the individuals to provide their vaccination status in ArriveCan even if they are as of now allowed to enter the country unvaccinated until 15th Jan 2022.

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