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In The Quest To Standardize Hydrogen Refueling, Hydrogen Heavy Duty Vehicle Industry Group Comes Together

TNI || New Delhi || 10th Oct 2021

Hydrogen industry leaders like Nel Hydrogen, Nikola Corporation, Air Liquide, Toyota, and Shell, which have all formed a Hydrogen Heavy Duty Vehicle Industry Group has signed agreements with Tatsuno Corporation and Transfer Oil S.P.A, to standardize the globally standard 70 MP, a hydrogen heavy-duty vehicle high-flow for fueling hardware components.

The industry group, which was formed in 2019, February has a goal of addressing hydrogen fueling hardware issues of getting fueling speeds that are required for heavy-duty applications today.

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Other goals of the group include testing, as well as evaluating the performance of the hardware, and also standardizing the design of the connector in order to ensure adoptability across the world.

This development builds upon the hydrogen-industry collaboration that has already achieved a global standard fueling interface in the case of light-duty fuel cell electric vehicles.

International hydrogen fuel equipment provider, Tatsuno, is designing the receptacle, dispenser nozzle, and breakaway components of the vehicle while Transfer Oil which is considered as one of the most prolific and advanced manufacturers of reinforced thermoplastic hoses is taking charge of the design and development of hydrogen dispenser fueling hose.

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Pablo Koziner, Nikola’s President for Energy and Commercials says that the innovative fueling technology will indeed prove to be a significant part of hydrogen infrastructure development strategy and will thereby make hydrogen accessible to Nikola’s heavy-duty FCEV customers as well as the industry as a whole.