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TL340H Wheel Loader From Tata Hitachi Gets Launched

Tata Hitachi has launched TL340H Prime, the new CE4 compliant wheel loader.

The company, in a statement, said that the next-generation wheel loader is reliable, involves low operational cost, and has higher profits.

The latest offering from Tata promises a reduced fuel consumption by as much as 20%. The loader is based on the in-house hydrostatic technology, making use of the hydraulic flow for the forward and reverse movements.

It is based on the same mechanism, which is used in excavators and hence eliminates the requirement for transmission.

There is also a variable displacement pump in the loader that optimizes hydraulic oil flow, which is based on the load. The TL340H Prime comes with a fuel-efficient CEV-4 compliant Cummins engine that has four cylinders.

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When it comes to productivity and efficiency in loading, the TL340H offers a substantial dump height and reach. It helps in loading high-capacity trucks as well as loading material in the center of the truck for a better spread.

There are an array of bucket options available with the machine to handle a variety of materials like coal, limestone, iron ore, etc.

Sandeep Singh, Managing Director Tata Hitachi, said that the machine is designed in such a way that it offers complete peace of mind to the customers and besides, is also environmentally friendly. It also has an uncomplicatedly designed operator’s cabin that has a multicolored digital cluster displaying a host of machine information.  

We at Tata Hitachi have always kept the customer first and foremost in all our endeavors. TL340H PRIME is an embodiment of this ethos of our customer-centricity,”

said Sandeep Singh, Managing Director, Tata Hitachi. “We have strived to ensure that the machine becomes a dependable partner for our customers in the most challenging of working conditions.

TL340H Prime comes with the promise of reliability, low cost of operation and higher profits, thereby offering complete peace of mind to the customer.

And this machine is also more environment friendly by virtue of being CEV-4 compliant,” he added.

TL340H Prime is equipped with Tata Hitachi’s telematics system, InSite, that provides Live data on machine location, HMR, fuel level and machine utilization. InSite enables customers to remotely monitor and manage their machines, thereby reducing unnecessary downtime through pre-emptive and predictive maintenance. Customers can also get reports on machine usage, fleet status, service due alerts through InSite.

All of this is supported by Tata Hitachi’s wide network of dealers, warehouses and a team of trained engineers, ensuring robust, round-the-clock support on spare parts and services.