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Tirex To Install EV Charging Stations Throughout Kerala

Dibakar Yadav || New Delhi || 2nd May 2022

Tirex Chargers, a manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, will install EV charging stations throughout Kerala. For this, the business has partnered with the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL).

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Tirex will install 29 electric vehicle charging stations in Kerala as part of its collaboration with KSEBL. As per the company, each of the terminals will be outfitted with several charging points that will support both AC and DC charging.

Tirex, an Ahmedabad-based startup, was awarded the contract to build 29 electric vehicle charging stations by the state utility.

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There are about 1,800 electric two-wheelers, 1,500 electric three-wheelers, and more than 2,000 electric four-wheelers in Kerala.

In terms of size, the EV charging stations they’re building in Kerala are similar to gas stations. As per Arth Patel, Tirex Chargers’ co-founder and CEO, the charging stations would be the first in India to provide numerous charging ports for four-wheelers, two-wheelers, and even heavy electric vehicles.

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A typical EV charging station will have one or two charging stations for four-wheelers. This is perceived as an inconvenience by users, resulting in long lines.

The company plans to install 200 electric vehicle charging stations across the state’s 29 stations. The company further stated that 12 of the 29 EV charging stations had already been installed.

Tirex is also looking into establishing charging stations in other states. P Rajeev, Kerala’s industries minister, stated that their collaboration with Tirex to set up charging stations throughout the state is part of an overall plan to make Kerala an EV-friendly state.

He added that electric vehicles will be able to lower vehicular pollution levels to a great extent.

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