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The Supply of Chips Has Gone Down Further, Says Daimler Truck Boss

The Supply of Chips Has Gone Down Further, Says Daimler Truck Boss

TNI || New Delhi || 19th Sept 2021

Truck business of Daimler AG, which is undeniably the world’s largest has witnessed the supply of crucial chips gone down further in recent weeks, the division’s chief executive said in a recent report.

According to Martin Daum, since the time summers have begun,  the situation has intensified further, which has, in turn, affected the production in countries like Germany and the United States.

Daimler India’s Commercial Vehicle’s Order Book Full For The Calendar Year

Daum says that the order books are all filled-up. Having said that, the shortage which has hit all the major carmakers has caused the stockpiles to go up massively. 

He adds that there are a significant amount of inventories that are already produced where the essential parts are lacking and that these vehicles are badly needed by their customers.

The company, according to Martin Daum, would like to deliver the vehicles but is waiting for the parts.

The less supply scenario can have a major impact on the sales of the third quarter as there is still no sign of a fast recovery.

Daum is of an opinion that the issue will stay with the industry for a while.

Notably, Daimler Truck Holding AG will be spun off from Daimler this year-end, with shareholders all set to vote on this move at an extraordinary general meeting which is called on Oct. 1. Post which, Daimler, will be rechristened Mercedes-Benz Group AG.