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Tesla Deploying First Megacharger To Assist Charging of Tesla Semi Electric Trucks

TNI || Ne w Delhi || 16th Oct 2021

Tesla is installing its first Megacharger to charge the upcoming Tesla Semi-Electric truck.

The assembling of the charger is done at the Gigafactory in Nevada.

When Tesla had unveiled the Tesla-Semi in 2017, it had confirmed it would deploy Megachargers which will be a more powerful network of its superchargers to charge its electric truck.

Tesla wanted a new charging station that could give out 400 miles in a matter of 30 minutes. Then, it was thought that Tesla may have been planning a charging station that could deliver more than 1 MW of power, considering the name that they came up with.

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After years and several delays, Tesla now has been spotted deploying the Megacharger, which has much longer stalls than most supercharger stations, much to the delight of larger trucks and trailers. In 2019.

It was reported that Tesla had submitted its own more than 1 MW high charging standard for trucks within CharIN, which is an industry association behind the CCS standard.

Tesla was one of the five companies that had submitted the designs to develop high-power charging setups.

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It is well to be noted that Tesla has delayed the first deliveries of Tesla Semi to the customers until next year as by then they will have more battery cell supply.

That said, the automaker will have more pre-production units for testing and internal logistic requirements.