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Tata Motors Looks Into Tech As It Plans An EV Launch In The Last-Mile Delivery Segment

TNI || New Delhi || 20th Nov 2021

Tata Motors will be launching an EV model in the last mile delivery segment as a result of significant demand in that category.

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As per Girish Wagh, ED, Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors is currently working in collaboration with some e-commerce companies to understand the requirements in reference to range and performance.

According to Wagh, there is a pure electric platform in the works, especially for the cargo segment.

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Wagh adds that the awareness of the EV’s has increased manifold across all verticals, and the last mile delivery segment is no exception.

The company, as per him, has studied the sector as much as possible and wants to deliver a solution, and not just a vehicle.

The launch of the vehicle is still months away, but Tata Motors, as expected, has already begun working with the end-users to gauge their needs.

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Ashok Leyland, Tata’s old rival, has plans to launch its EV in the last mile delivery segment through its EV arm, Switch Mobility.

The company has already received 2000 orders and will launch its first electric light CV by the end of next month.

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Wagh says that if electric penetration wasn’t enough, high diesel prices have also led to a bloated CNG demand mostly in the commercial segment.