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Strategic Partnership Between Bollinger Motors and EAVX To Develop All-Electric Commercial Trucks Announced

TNI || New Delhi || 4th Dec 2021

An all-electric truck company, Bollinger Motors, has announced a strategic partnership with EAVX to build electric work trucks that will integrate the latter’s commercial work-truck bodies, as well as accessories with Bollinger’s vehicle platforms which are going to be completely electric.

The laid down terms will allow both Bollinger and EAVX to come up with fully integrated electric vehicles for a wide variety of applications and also coordinate offerings that are related to sales and after-sales parts as well as vehicle servicing.

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Bollinger Motors is currently working on an all-electric platform and chassis, which can be used under various applications in class 3-6 vehicles and also offer adaptable battery solutions that can go on to accommodate sufficient range, large payloads, and longer durability.

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According to Robert Bollinger, Founder, and CEO of Bollinger Motors, when the commercial fleet is electrified, it reduces cost and also ensures they comply with forthcoming mandates which will be laid down by the government.

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He adds that working with EAVX will allow them to offer their new all-electric solutions to a wider market of commercial customers and enhance EV adoption across the country.

The CEO of EAVX, Mark Hope, says that collaborating with Bollinger allows them to continue their holistic approach towards the integration of systems between the body and the cab chassis.