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Sona Comstar Collaborates With Enedym of Ontario To Develop Magnet-Less EV Motors

TNI || New Delhi || 21st April 2022

Sona Comstar, a global auto tech company, has partnered with Enedym Inc., a Hamilton, Ontario-based tech firm, to develop magnet-less switching reluctance motor (SRM) drive platforms for EVs on Indian roads.

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Three-wheeler electric vehicles (10–30kW peak power), two-wheeler high-performance motorbikes (10–20kW peak power), as well as four-wheeler cargo delivery electric vehicles will become the focus of the agreement (20–40kW peak power).

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Sona Comstar will use Enedym’s SRM technology to build drive motors, controls, and drivetrains wholly in India.

The production is scheduled to commence in 2023. Sona Comstar’s group tech head, Kiran M. Deshmukh, stated that they are thrilled to announce their partnership with Enedym.

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This collaboration allows them access to the ideas developed by Dr. Ali Emadi and his research group at McMaster University’s McMaster Automotive Resource Centre.

Enedym’s switching reluctance motors with better acoustic noise management will allow them to make high-efficiency, high-performance magnet-less motors for their customers.

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Electric three-wheelers are at the frontline of the automotive electrification transition in India, said Emadi, founder, president, and CEO of Enedym.

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Their joint efforts will have tremendous implications in terms of the environment, the economy, reduced costs, and performance enhancements

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