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Shell’s Starship 2.0 Gives Out Better Numbers

Shell’s Starship 2.0 Gives Out Better Numbers

TNI || New Delhi || 3rd Sept 2021

Class 8 demonstration truck, Shell’s Starship 2.0, which is a manufactured with energy-efficient technology has exceeded the results of its predecessor in the second cross-country run.

It achieved 10.8 mpg on its cross-country run through San Diego to Jacksonville, Florida, as compared to the 8.94 mpg achieved by its predecessor in 2018.

The improvements were realized by carrying 18% more payload from 39,900 pounds in 2018 to 47,100 pounds in 2021.

The truck pulled off 254 ton-miles per gallon for freight ton efficiency, which was 3.5 times higher than the North America average freight ton efficiency in trucks, confirmed Jeff Priborsky, global marketing manager, Shell Lubricant Solutions’ on-highway fleet sector.

According to him, freight ton efficiency is a relevant measure for judging the energy intensity associated with moving cargo from one point to another, as it combines the weight of cargo moved with the amount of fuel that is consumed.

Another 400-mile assesment run also took place to provide additional data on the truck’s freight ton efficiency and fuel economy benefits.

The trips were monitored as well as verified by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency.

Priborsky added that not all fleets would run fully loaded from one coast to another, it was significant that a variety of other tests were conducted to attain additional data which showed how trucking works under varied conditions.

This exercise would help a lot in providing tangible benefits to the freight industry. Priborsky even confirmed that this is not going to be the last time that one would see the truck running for tests.

With technology changing by the day, he feels that the numbers that have been logged in can be inflated even more.