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Shell Intends To Build A Gas-Fired Power Facility In India

TNI || New Delhi || 16th April 2022


Shell Plc aims to start a gas-fired power generation, storage, and distribution business in India, according to the head of the company’s Indian operations, as the US energy giant tries to meet the country’s expanding electricity demand.

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In an interview, Shell Energy India country head Nakul Raheja stated that the company has been involved in power generation in the United States and other countries, and that it has similar intentions for India.

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He noted that Shell has been a major player in the electricity sector in North America and Western Europe, and that the company has a significant presence in Australia and is looking into ways to enter the Indian market.

The oil major has also started to establish a footprint in different Asian power markets, such as Japan and the Philippines.

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They are expanding in Asia as well, and are quite interested in seeing what opportunities emerge in India, Raheja said.

He didn’t say how long it would take for the entire process. Shell engages in the power business in terms of building integrated power value chains, generation, storage, buying, selling, and supplying end customers, according to him.

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Shell has made a significant investment in India’s fuel and petroleum goods industry. The company recently announced plans to begin selling liquefied natural gas (LNG) to long-haul vans, with the first filling station set to open in Gujarat.

As per Raheja, the number of such LNG retail centres could increase in the future. Their aim is to try to get their first website up and running in Gujarat by the end of this calendar year, and then follow it up with a couple of more websites in the coming year.

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He explained that the company considered entering the LNG retail business since it required making the fuel easily accessible to the transportation sector.

They reasoned that they should now spend farther downstream and begin investing in things so that LNG may be used as a transport gas as well.  As a result, they have been working to expand and diversify their range of options as the market evolves throughout the last few months.

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