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Scania Delivers 64-Tonne Electric Truck To Wibax

TNI || New Delhi || 14th Dec 2021

Scania 25 P BEV 6×2 bulk transport

Scania has delivered a 64-tonne electric truck to Wibax, a chemical supplier who will run it on Northern Sweden roads.

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The three-axle electric truck will contribute to Wibax attaining its climate targets and thereby happens to be another example of Scania involved in innovation with yet another partner.

We are all aware that electrified heavy transport is already taking place. This development is something which Scania and Wibax shall show with this new vehicle that will solely run on electricity.

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The electric truck weighs 64 tonnes which includes load and trailer and shall run between Pitea and Skelleftea, the cities of Northern Sweden that are 80-km apart.

A stronger electric motor will make possible the vehicle’s performance as well as load capacity.

To have a long-term association, Scania and Wibax will collaborate together to optimize vehicle over time use which includes charging, route planning, and battery life length.

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CEO of Wibax Group, Jonas Wiklund, says that they have done their utmost to be sustainable since the time the company was founded in 1986.

He adds that lighter electrified options have been for a while available in the market, but for them, it only matters now when they can electrify 64-tonne loads.