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Rear Reflective Tapes On Commercial Vehicles A Must

TNI || New Delhi || 09th Oct 2021

To avoid accidents at night, especially during foggy and hazy weather conditions, Madhya Pradesh, a state in Central India has instructed all the RTO’s not to give fitness certificates to commercial vehicles that do not have the standard quality retrospective tapes on their back and front.

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An SOP of the retrospective tapes conforming to the AIS norms has been issued. Also called the reflective tapes, they are stuck on the front and back of the four-wheelers, primarily to make them visible from a far-off distance.

They are mostly red, have a long wavelength, and therefore can be seen from far. As per the Transport Commissioner of the state, Mukesh Jain, the certificate of the tape installed by the manufacturers or the dealers could be generated through the portal itself.

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He added that the details of the reflector tape installed like the length, width, color, manufacturing year, code, manufacturer, and vehicle name as well as the vehicle details like registration number, chassis number, vehicle category, engine number, vehicle body type shall be mentioned on the certificate.

The certificate will always be available on the portal, and at the time of checking the vehicle, the enforcement staff can check its veracity by scanning the QR code.