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Quantron- The Transition To Zero-Emission Vehicles Is On Track To Be A Success

TNI || New Delhi || 12th March 2022


Quantron AG was able to reach revenues of 10 million euros in the financial year 2021 thanks to a successful start in the converting business in the commercial vehicle market with its Q-Retrofit business unit.

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In its second year of operation, the Augsburg-based company, which concentrates on changing used and current vehicles’ powertrains to zero-emission powertrains, has already demonstrated widespread consumer acceptance of its product and service model.

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The figure represents a roughly 500 percent increase over the previous year.Quantron provided 30 zero-emission vehicles to IKEA and other clients during the fiscal year under review.

As a result, the Ausburg zero-emission experts contribute to the furnishing group’s aim of becoming climate-positive by 2030.

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Quantron AG is looking for an order size of 400 vehicles in 2022, that corresponds to a possible total turnover of 50–60 million euros in the converting sector, against a backdrop of steadily increasing demand from new potential clients.

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Quantron AG envisions a solid foundation for further good business growth with the inclusion of a Q-Mobility business unit that has been delivering its very own Quantron brand vehicles in the shape of a 12-meter Cizaris BEV bus since February 2022.

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A BEV version of the bus is also available, with a frequency of up to 370 kilometres. A FCEV variant is now in development and is expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of this year.

Quantron also continues to advance the development and usage of hydrogen in the automobile market as a participant and Work Package Leader of STRING’s GREATER4H project.

Between Oslo and Hamburg, the European Project intends to develop a self-sufficient, sustainable hydrogen-based environment for heavy-duty vehicles.

Quantron also started a number of additional global projects the year before, including in the United States, Scandinavia, and Saudi Arabia.

Amid the continuing COVID-19 restrictions, Quantron AG was able to considerably increase its business, form strategic alliances, and establish itself as a trusted supplier for major zero-emissions trailblazers in 2021, according to the CEO of Quantron, Michael Perschke.