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Peterbilt To Showcase New Range At ATMCE Starting October 23

TNI || New Delhi || 23rd Oct 2021

Peterbilt Motor Company is going to display its new lineup of trucks starting today at the American Trucking Association Management Conference and Exhibition show in Nashville, Tennessee.

The one truck which will be highlighted the most and is expectedly going to take the center stage will be the flagship new model 579 UltraLoft.

Peterbilt To Showcase New Range At ATMCE Starting October 23

This variant is designed and engineered to be one of the most techno-advanced trucks that Peterbilt has ever come up with.

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The New 579 is also superior when it comes to aerodynamics and fuel efficiency; all thanks to the new sloped hood and enhanced aero components.

The exhibition will also have Peterbilt display its full battery electric model 579EV, which is ideal for regional haul, pickup and delivery, as well as last-mile operations.

Significantly, the company is leading the charge in zero emissions by offering the industry’s most optimized lineup. Peterbilt will also be showcasing a new lineup of medium-duty trucks that are designed to deliver flawless body integration for customers that look forward to having Class 5-8 applications.

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The truck is known to have best-in-class interiors with available space for optional gauges. An integrated 7-inch digital display also helps in relaying important information concerning the trip summary, TPMS, and system checks.