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Perrone And Roush Collaborate On Autonomous Tech

TNI || New Delhi || 13th Oct 2021

Perrone Robotics Inc., a fully autonomous vehicle technology and turnkey vehicle solutions provider, and Roush Industries Inc.

have associated to build the production and installation of Perrone’s autonomous retrofit kit called Tony AV across a range of vehicle types.

The collaboration is done to support Perrone’s expanded market and the opportunities for transit shuttles, low-speed electric vehicles, cargo and electric utility vans, and also large trucks for logistic applications.

Paul Perrone, who is the founder and CEO of Perrone Robotics Inc., says that Roush Industries presents an important step in the ability to shorten the delivery times of customers so they can scale up the fleet level deployments without making any compromise on it.

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He further said that they are excited to work with the Roush team so as to bring out a production-grade fine point to every autonomous vehicle that they come up with.

According to him, this agreement is a natural fit for both, Perrone and Roush, who are developing new mobility alternatives to extend value.

In the partnership, Roush will be providing vehicle controls integration, fabrication, installation services, and design engineering to help Perrone to deliver a production model in order to bring full autonomy for geo-fenced applications.

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As per Jason Furr, Vice President, Business Development of Roush Industries, they applaud the leadership of Paul Perronne in the automotive engineering and manufacturing sector, and they both share a commitment to make advancements in reliable mobility options.