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Penske To Be First U.S. Fleet To Run International eMV Series

TNI || New Delhi || 12th Oct 2021

Navistar’s new International eMV battery-electric medium-duty truck will be sold to a U.S. fleet for the first time.

Penske will be the first organization in America to take the delivery from Navistar. Both the companies announced their continued commitment to a zero-emission future with the delivery of this vehicle range.

Dan Kayser, from the Navistar Group, in a news release, said that they are pleased to be partnering with Penske and will give five of their earliest production of eMV Series full battery-electric trucks.

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He added that this is truly a first step of growing together towards a zero-emission fleet.

The manufacturing of these vehicles will be taking place on the same assembly that produces international diesel-powered vehicles. Penske has plans to operate these units at their various locations with the intent of evaluating the electric truck operation in real-world situations.

The company is planning to expand its electrified fleet and evaluating related technologies that will support a zero-emission future for commercial vehicles.

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The vehicle was first announced with a prototype two years back and then made its official debut in Long Beach in California at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in September this year.

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