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Penske Pilots Sofware That Will Back Electric Truck Charging

Penske Pilots Sofware That Will Back Electric Truck Charging

Penske Truck Leasing is the process of expanding the electrification for its fleet and in doing so, is also evaluating related technologies that would support the charging needs of battery-operated electric trucks.

In 2021, Penske initiated piloting a 350 kW/ 800 kWh system that was powered by Stem’s Athena smart energy software at the company’s heavy-duty truck site in Ontario, California.

Since the beggining of the pilot, smart energy storage has led to a decrease of 40% at Penske’s site peak energy consumption.

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Sean Yentsch, who is the VP-Facilities at Pensche said that they are pleased with the initial results, and with supplemental battery storage established, they shall continue to evaluate expanding the use of AI-driven energy storage systems.

Yentsch added that they collaborated with Stem and other suppliers as far as designing and other vehicle charging infrastructure is concerned and then went on to use Stem’s Athena smart energy software to hone the electricity wants that come associated with charging the commercial trucks.

The association of Penske with Stem and other companies has taken place in project execution, optimizing the energy tariff, and also utilizing the energy storage to secure funds from California Air Quality Resources and also get incentives from the Self Generation Incentive Program.