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Paccar, Aurora, And FedEx Join Hands To Pilot Autonomous Trucks

TNI || New Delhi || 28th Sep 2021

Paccar has partnered with Aurora and FedEx to launch a commercial pilot of linehaul trucking operations of autonomous trucks.

These Paccar’s autonomously enabled trucks which will be configured with the driver autonomous platform of Aurora will haul Fedex loads between Dallas and Houston, which will be a 500-mile round trip.

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These trucks will run autonomously along with a backup driver for safety.

As per Paccar officials, this collaboration is first of a kind as a truck manufacturer, an autonomous technology developer, as well as a logistic provider, shall come together. 

Sterling Anderson, Aurora’s Chief Product Officer, in a statement, said that as leaders of their respective fields, all of them hold a critical and unique perspective on how to develop and deploy safe, self-driving trucking solutions.

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He added that this association puts forth a creation of a cohesive and integrated product and service. Anderson further said that he believes there is no other credible way of delivering this complex, but valuable technology at scale.

It’s not even been a year since Paccar announced a collaboration with Aurora to develop and commercialize the autonomous Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks.

As per Paccar’s Chief Technology Officer, John Rich, this new commercial pilot is a testimony to the excellent progress made by Paccar and Aurora.