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OSM To Create The World’s Largest Electric Three-Wheeler Manufacturing Facility In Karnataka

TNI || New Delhi || 25th April 2022

Omega Seiki Mobility, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has announced plans to create the world’s largest electric three-wheeler factory in the state of Karnataka.

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In celebration of World Earth Day on April 22, Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) was proud to announce that it will be building the world’s largest e-3W manufacturing unit in Karnataka with a $250 million investment.

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While the exact location of the new factory has not been divulged, the firm has indicated that it will span 250 acres.

The facility will be developed in three stages and will have the ability to produce one million electric three-wheelers per year when it is finalized.

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The new facility, according to Omega Seiki Mobility, will begin production in the following fiscal year and will serve domestic and overseas markets alike.

In addition, the company is in talks with existing and new suppliers about establishing ancillary units nearby the new megafactory.

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OSM has formed partnerships with South Korean company Jae Sung Tech to enable it to produce a new range of EV powertrains in order to attain optimum levels of EV production.

Uday Narang, Chairman and Founder of Omega Seiki Mobility, spoke about his company’s ambitions where he stated that in comparison to the earlier fiscal year, the structured electric three-wheeler market has grown by a staggering 200 percent in FY22.

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As a result, electric three-wheelers now account for 46% of total three-wheeler volumes. They at OSM think that EV adoption in the last-mile delivery sector, as well as government bodies, would enable India to become the first market in the world to sell three EV three-wheelers for every one ICE three-wheeler sold.

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They want to be the global market leader in three-wheelers, and the new OSM Megafactory, with an output of 1 million units, is the first step in that direction.

According to the company, electric three-wheelers are the foundation of India’s last-mile mobility network.

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They provide economical transportation solutions to wide portions of the country at a time when gasoline, diesel, and CNG costs are at all-time highs, aiding logistics companies in improving their bottom lines.

Omega Seiki Mobility has already begun to grow outside of India. Bangladesh, Egypt, as well as the United Arab Emirates, have already signed joint venture agreements with the company. In fact, the company has begun exporting its electric vehicle lineup to multiple foreign regions.

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Deb Mukherji, Managing Director of Omega Seiki Mobility, commented that together with their local partners, they would establish production plant in these nations.

OSM has also emphasized product synergy, and it is the only firm in India to provide three power pack options: long-range, rapid charging, and swappable.