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Omega Seiki Will Offer Electric Vehicles In Nepal

TNI || New Delhi || 14th March 2022

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) & MAW Vriddhi Commercial Vehicle (MAW Vriddhi), Nepal’s second largest automobile firm, have formed a strategic agreement to sell OSM’s made-in-India EVs in Nepal.

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As per the agreement, OSM vehicles will be sold in Nepal through MAW Vriddhi Commercial Vehicle. Additionally, the firm’s touchpoints will serve as vehicle service centers.

While electric vehicles have been on Nepalese roads for almost three decades, they only account for roughly a tenth of the country’s total car registrations, according to OSM.

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As per a survey conducted by the Nepalese government, 80% of these vehicles were three-wheelers. The partnership will allow the EV manufacturer to service Nepal’s growing client base, which is looking for a sustainable and zero-emission last-mile transportation solution.

To begin with, Omega Seiki Mobility will launch its Rage Plus electric three-wheeler vehicle to the MAW Vriddhi Commercial vehicle.

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India and Nepal are two strong allies, and their respective governments have long worked toward the development of the fragile Himalayan ecosystem, says Uday Narang, Omega Seiki Mobility’s founder and chairman.

To take things a step further, he said he was thrilled to announce OSM’s partnership with MAW Vriddhi Commercial Vehicle, one of Nepal’s leading CV players.

The alliance will enable them to expand their partnership to assist businesses looking to improve their profitability by switching to green last-mile transportation.

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This is also an important step forward in OSM’s efforts to put Indian manufacturing on the world map.

MAW Vriddhi Commercial Vehicle’s MD, Vivek Sikaria says that they continue to develop their relationship with major EV manufacturers in a quest to make life simpler for auto rickshaw drivers in Nepal by shifting to inexpensive, massively lucrative, and less damaging to the environment vehicles and that he looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Omega Seiki Mobility.

Given electrification is occurring quickly in automotive markets worldwide, they anticipate there would be a disruption and demand change, particularly in the electric three-wheeler segment in Nepal, says Vivek Dhawan, Director- Marketing, Sales, and Service of Omega Seiki Mobility.

He opines that  OSM will benefit greatly from a partnership with MAW Vriddhi Commercial Vehicle in reaching the country’s automobile sector.

MAW Vriddhi is a commercial vehicle business joint venture between MAW and the Vriddhi Group of enterprises.

The company was founded in 1964 and is Nepal’s second largest vehicle manufacturer.

With over 17 brands and over 265 touchpoints, it employs over 1,000 people. Manufacturing, trading, real estate, as well as autos are all part of the Vriddhi Group’s vast business.