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No Trucks Will Be Built By Workhorse In The First Half of 2022 Due To A Platform Reset

TNI || New Delhi || 03rd March 2022

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Workhorse Group, a maker of electric delivery vans, intends to manufacture no vehicles during the first half of 2022, with the exception of a handful of its soon-to-be-discontinued C1000 step vans made from ample leftover parts.

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Furthermore, the Cincinnati-based company will complete and sell a variant of GreenPower Motor Co.’s medium-duty Class 4 vehicle to fill the gap until new Class 3-6 trucks are introduced in 2023 and 2024.

Workhorse CEO Rich Dauch said that even that number is likely to come to 250 units, or just a few more by the end of the year, as the firm predicted losses for Q4 and most of 2021.

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In 2023, Workhorse will introduce the W56 platform for both the Class 5 and 6 transit van and truck markets, followed by a W34 platform in 2024 that will build on the technology and field expertise of heritage E-Gen and C-1000 trucks.

Workhorse conducted a thorough product assessment under Dauch’s leadership, concluding that its goods just weren’t ready for the big leagues.

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The company is repairing existing C-1000s and will manufacture 50 to 75 more vans from inventory before discontinuing the product, except for service components, after fulfilling Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards conformity and correcting concerns that led to the recall of 41 vans sold last year.

Workhorse has no long-term agreements or minimal volumes with customers to secure future vehicle sales, according to the company’s 10-K filing with the Securities & Exchange Board.