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Nikola & Ring Power To Have Tri-Eagle Sales As Their Launch Customer

TNI || New Delhi || 30th Oct 2021

Tri-Eagle Sales has etched an agreement to lease out ten Nikola Tre BEV trucks from Ring Power Corporation, which is a member of Nikola Corporation Sales and its service dealer network.

Nikola happens to be a pioneer in designing and manufacturing heavy-duty commercial battery electric vehicles, energy infrastructure solutions, and full cell electric vehicles.

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By way of the fleet-as-a-service leasing model, Ring Power will go ahead and provide sales, repairs, and maintenance to operate the Nikola BEV trucks across the lease term.

Tri-Eagle, on the other hand, has been a leading beverage wholesaler in North And North Central Florida. According to Tripp Transou, the CEO of Tri-Eagle Sales, they want to leave the environment in the same way or a notch better, and partnering with Ring Power and Nikola is a natural step towards their commitment to environmental and innovation stewardship.

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President of Ring Power Corporation, David Alban, says that Tri-Eagle’s first battery-electric truck order shows their willingness to partner with Nikola and their company to add zero-emission vehicles to the fleet.

Pablo Kozinerm who is the President of Nikola Energy and Commercial, expects Nikola’s dealer network to be a vital component in giving out zero-emission products to its customers.

He adds that Ring Power looks to add not only sales, service, or parts for Nikola Trucks that are leased by Tri-Eagle but related vehicle charging infrastructure as well.