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Nikola And TC Energy Join Hands For The Development of Hydrogen Hubs

TNI || New Delhi || 08th Oct 2021

Nikola Corporation, a global leader in zero-emissions when it comes to transportation and energy infrastructure solutions, and a leading North American energy infrastructure company,

TC Energy, have decided to partner on co-building, operating, and owning large-scale hydrogen production hubs in the United States and Canada.

The business unit of Nikola and TC Energy are actively collaborating to pin-point and build projects to establish the infrastructure required in order to supply low-cost and low-carbon hydrogen, which is in line with the company’s core objectives.

Additionally, Nikola and TC Energy also look forward to accelerating the incoming of heavy-duty zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen across industrial sectors by establishing facilities in key geographic locations.

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One of the key objectives of the partnership is to establish facilities producing hydrogen to the tune of 150 tonnes or more every day near highly traveled truck corridors and serve Nikola’s planned need for hydrogen in order to fuel its Class 8 FCEVs within the next five years.

TC Energy, apparently has sufficient pipeline, storage, and power assets that can be leveraged to lower the cost and elevate the speed of delivery of these hydrogen production hubs.

This may also include exploring the midstream asset integration that will enable hydrogen distribution and storage via pipeline and if required, deliver CO2 to permanent sites to decarbonize the process of hydrogen production.

Pablo Koziner, Nikola’s President for Energy and Commercial said that “they are excited to have a collaboration with the North American energy leader and that this partnership is intended to enable hydrogen production at quantities and costs that are required to support customer adoption as well as the use of FCEV’s.

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