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New Generation Scania Touring Introduced

New Generation Scania Touring Introduced

TNI || New Delhi || 17th Sept 2021

The new generation Scania Touring has been introduced, and it comes with a phenomenal driver environment, an increase in the load capacity, enhanced passenger comfort, and a significantly reduced fuel consumption.

In the new generation Scania, the front axle’s load capacity has been increased by 500 kilos, which helps to improve weight distribution tagged with an increased passenger and luggage capacity.

As per Åke Allard, Scania’s Head of Product Management, the driver environment, along with the guide area, has undergone several updates.

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Scania, according to him, offers a workplace for the driver which is industry-leading and provides exceptional visibility and control. Besides this, features in the new generation Scania also include smooth gear changes and newly developed suspension.

There is also a new advanced driver assistance system in place, which includes driver attention support as well as lane change collision prevention technology.

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Allard adds that all these features increase safety for everyone aboard, prevent accidents, and limits damages.

If one compares the advanced version with the previous model, the new generation Scania Touring saves up to 6% on fuel and emissions with no compromise on performance.

One of the prominent attributes of Scania Touring is that it enables real-time vehicle adjustments in predefined zones.

Just imagine the possibility of limiting the vehicle speed in certain areas; a trait that does add to safety and keeps down emissions.