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TNI Fiat Start Taking Order of Ducato

New Ducato Becomes First Light Commercial Vehicle To Have Level 2 Autonomous Driving

TNI || New Delhi || 09th Sept 2021

New Ducato, Fiat Professional’s first commercial vehicle, will benefit from the level 2 ADAS, ie. the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

The new vehicle will offer a wide range of technologies that aim at improving the driving experience and making it a safer option for work or leisure.

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Technology like adaptive cruise control that comes with a stop & go function, lane keep, and traffic jam assist provides independent help while driving, both during acceleration and braking.

These features allow the New Ducato to attain level 2 autonomous driving. There are certain other additional standout features that range from speed limitation and braking control against unexpected obstacles to road sign recognition and driver attentiveness monitoring as well.

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The driver assistance and parking systems specifications come enhanced on the New Ducato.

The digital central mirror comes equipped with an advanced better rear view for the driver.

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There are some wider features also like the ESC- Electronic Stability Control system that has a cross-wind assist, trailer stability control, as well as an active park assist.