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New Double Decking Option Introduced By Doleco

New Double Decking Option Introduced By Doleco

TNI || New Delhi || 13th Sept 2021

Doleco USA has introduced a double-decking system in trailers and containers that lets the fleets double the payload capacity, and which according to the company, has benefits over the existing systems that prevail in the market.

At one of the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meetings that was held in Cleveland, Ohio, officials from Doleco confirmed the new LayerLok XP, AF, and SC decking systems.

The LayerLok XP and AF variants are engineered specifically for use in the dry van as well as reefer applications. The LayerLok SC, however, is designed specifically for installation in shipping containers.

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As the new trailer orders are heavily backlogged, fleets currently are looking for ways so that the efficiency can improve.

Double-decking systems have been in the spectrum for almost three decades, however, as per the Doleco officials, popular systems are based on the seating track of an aircraft, which wasn’t designed keeping in mind repetitive sliding or to carry vertical loads.

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According to Ralph Abato, President And Managing Director, Doleco USA, these double-decking systems are purpose-designed and engineered with precision so that the hard demands of the shipping environment are met.

He added that with a new competitor like Doleco entering the North American marketplace, customer options will expand and refresh the competitive vigor in the industry as well as in the double decking segment.

The repetitive LayerLok systems will never leave the trailer and can get stowed at ceiling height when they are not put to use. Although all the three systems are differently designed, their prime objective is to minimize material use and weight and maximize strength and durability.

As per Doleco, the LayerLok XP system is a combination of proprietary materials that come with a higher strength-to-weight ratio as compared to other competing products.