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Nauto & ELMS To Collaborate For Advanced Driver Safety

TNI || New Delhi || 09th Dec 2021

A leading AI-based vehicle safety technology provider for commercial vehicles, Nauto has announced that it has got into a partnership with Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc., which is a pioneer as far as intelligent mobility solutions for CV customers is concerned.

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ELMS has plans to offer Nauto’s advanced predictive fleet safety, which is packaged with AI as an option to customers and will be available on pre-installed new vehicles.

This collaboration will help ELMS drivers to avoid collision and also enable fleet managers to upgrade the operational efficiency, decrease vehicle downtime and also provide cost savings from insurance premiums that are discounted.

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The safety platform from Nauto will be availed through ELMS Air and Driver Safety package. Jonathon Ballon, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer for ELMS says, that their vehicles understand their environment.

They are packed with advanced sensors and have predictive algorithm capability to keep the downtime in check.

He adds that with Nauto, their customers are surely going to enhance their driver performance and increase safety too.

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Nauto CEO, Stefan Heck is of an opinion that as a commercial EV leader, ELMS would continue to innovate and its partnership with them will help in upgrading its fleet capabilities and also help communities to be safe.