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Modular Electrical Harness System By Peterson Debuts

Modular Electrical Harness System By Peterson Debuts

TNI || New Delhi || 13th Sept 2021

The new PetersonPATRIOT, a modular electrical harness system has been announced by Peterson in Cleveland at the Technology & Maintenance Council Fall Meeting.

According to Peterson, the new modular design will protect the wiring harness and lights from the bloated maintenance cost, corrosion, as well as trailer downtime.

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As confirmed by the company, the PetersonPATRIOT system has been designed to provide a very strong defense against moisture intrusion and corrosion and has a modular layout, which makes it the best solution for fleets that fall in either of the following categories:

  • Fleets that look forward to having advanced protection from corrosion and a flexible, modular solution
  • Fleets which usually turn their trailers over every five to seven years
  • Fleets that have standard configurations or come with limited add-on electrical accessories

The harness system comes equipped with a distribution module that joins the lighting components to a small footprint central hub which in turn provides excellent resistance from corrosion, easy installation, and efficient troubleshooting and repair.

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The distribution module is the main component of the new design as it uses a circuit board as the junction box, which keeps it fully protected from moisture intrusion, and is also flexible, and compact.

Due to the compact size, manufacturers and fleets get maximum flexibility when choosing a location to mount.

To prevent moisture with silicon seals and built-in locking clips, all the harness components have connectors.

The connectors come color-coded by function, with keyed, one-way connectors that ensure fast and fool-proof assembly.

If a repair is ever needed, the modular design, due to its capabilities, allows quick troubleshooting and replacing of the damaged cable without causing any disturbance to the entire system.

A warranty of five years against defects and corrosion comes along with The Peterson PATRIOT system.