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Michelin Develops The X One Energy D-2 Drive Tyre To Maximise Fuel Efficiency

TNI || New Delhi || 11th March 2022

Customers will be able to order Michelin’s lowest-rolling-resistance driving tyre starting May 1.

The wide-base single tyre X One Line Energy D2 is suited for line haul, dry van freight, and chilled truckload applications.

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According to company authorities, it has already shown fuel economy of much more than $2,300 a year when compared to a prominent competitor’s tyres.

The 445/50R22.5 load-range L Michelin X One Line Energy D2 tyre, which was unveiled at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council annual convention in Orlando, comes with a 20/32 tread depth and a load-range L of 445/50R22.5.

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According to the firm, it is a directional tyre during the first half of its life, which provides enhanced resistance to uneven wear for improved driver trust and long tread life.

It takes the place of the X One Line Energy D tyre, which was introduced in 2012. For North American operations, Michelin’s Regenion developing tread design delivers the Michelin X One Line Energy D2 tyre’s durability in all weather patterns.

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The straight, pass-through channels include features that emerge as the tyre wears, assisting with traction throughout its life. The rectangular bead reduces fatigue and increases casing life, allowing for optimal retreadability.

The tyre’s compact form reduces tread movement and improves fuel efficiency by conserving energy.

The SmartWay standard is achieved by its enhanced tread compounds, which can save up to tentatively $2,317 (conditions apply) annually in fuel.

Its ultra-rolling-resistance ratios are designed to exceed California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 (GHG2) regulations for reduced carbon output.