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Mahindra Will Supply Repos Energy With Furio Vehicles For Mobile Gas Stations

TNI || New Delhi || 11th March 2022

As per Repos Energy, among the first companies to establish mobile fuel stations or bowsers, the doorstep fuel delivery concept has risen quickly across the country and grown much faster in the post-COVID period.

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The supply chain network and economics of the fuel trade, structural restrictions of the old distribution model, changing consumer buying behaviour, and technological disruption are all factors driving rising demand.

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Additionally, the Indian government has actively promoted the idea of doorstep diesel delivery (DDD), which has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs make energy more accessible.

Chetan Walunj, co-founder of Repos Energy, said that the entire globe is moving towards making things easily available by going mobile, the doorstep diesel delivery in the country has eased the method fuel was being delivered.

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Aditi Bhonsle Walunj, Repos Energy co-founder, is of the opinion that mobile energy transfer is the solution and the quickest way to get all the trying out new to the end-user.  They created the Repos Mobile Fuel Pump, a fuel pump on wheels suitable of spanning the supply-demand gap and delivering large diesel supplies right to the customer’s door. 

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India is one of the world’s greatest users of fuels, yet the manner this fuel is acquired and consumed has been mostly unorganised stated Veejay Nakra, CEO Automotive Sector for Mahindra & Mahindra CEO.

A large amount of diesel is used in industries such as infrastructure, mining, hospitality and real estate where it is frequently required in large quantities.

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These industries obtain diesel from fuel pumps utilising inefficient receptacles such as barrels and bowsers, resulting in significant spillage and human expenditures.

They are presenting an appealing product offering in collaboration with Repos Energy to meet the expanding needs of industries and contribute to nation-building.