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Founders of Mack Trucks Inducted In The American Trucking And Industry Leader Hall of Fame

TNI || New Delhi || 30th Oct 2021

The founders of Mack Trucks, John Jack, and Augustus Gus have been inducted into the American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame.

The event marks honoring trucking professionals for their contributions to the industry and society.

Gus & Jack’s legacy is spread across various regions of the world as Mack Trucks today operates in more than 20 countries in the Asia Pacific, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

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The organization’s history suggests that Mack Trucks have been on the job sites for countless projects, the most famous being building the Hoover Dam, The Panama Canal, Boston’s Subway System, and the Trans Canada Highway.

This year will mark the 121st Anniversary of this esteemed trucking company and its 100th in Canada with the launch of the Mack LR Electric, Class 8 Zero Emission, Battery Electric Refuse Truck.

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Upon the founders, Jack and Gus Mack being inducted in the hall of fame, Jeff Oldham, who is the Vice President of Mack Trucks’ Central Region said that the Entrepreneurial spirit, a bit of risk-taking, leadership, taking pride in their work and innovation among others were some of the many traits Mack brothers had.

Many innovations in the early 1900s were introduced by Mack Trucks, which have given them unparalleled acceptance to this day.