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Mack Trucks Certifies Northwest Equipment Sales As Their First Electric Vehicle Dealer In Northwest U.S.

TNI || New Delhi || 22nd Oct 2021

Northwest Equipment Sales, a Mack Trucks dealer based in Idaho, is now a certified electric vehicle dealer.

This development marks them as the first dealer in the Northwest United States to achieve this status.

The process for EV certification began in February 2021. It involved meeting frequently with the Mack team to help them go through the stringent requirements.

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Jesse Hibler, who is the dealer principal for Northwest Equipment, said that they decided to make their flagship Boise location the Certified EV Dealership.

Adding further, he said that Mack made the difficult process simple and walked them through step by step in order to let them know how to accomplish their goal of becoming a certified EV dealership.

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According to Jonathan Randall, SVP of Sales & Commercial Operations at Mack Trucks, they would like to recognize Northwest Equipment Sales for the commitment to electrification and also thank them for their support of Mack LR Electric Trucks, which is Mack’s first fully electric vehicle.

It is well to be noted, that TEC Equipment’s, Fontana based in California has the credit of being the first EV Certified Dealership of Mack Trucks.