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JK Tyre Brings The Revolutionary Puncture Guard Technology To Its Tyres

TNI || New Delhi || 26th March 2022

JK Tyre & Industries announced on Thursday that it had developed India’s first puncture guard technology in four-wheeler tyres.

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The method cures punctures by using a specially built self-healing elastomer inner coat that is put within the tyres through an automated procedure.

The technology will be incorporated into the company’s range of four-wheeler tyres.

According to the tyre manufacturer, this technology enables tyres to self-repair multiple punctures up to 6 mm in the tread area instantly caused by nails or other sharp objects.

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Puncture guard tyres provide a comfortable ride for the whole of the tyre’s life, with no air loss, according to the company.

As per the chairman and MD of JK Tyre, Raghupati Singhania, they have once again delivered on their pledge to bring sophisticated mobility solutions to their clients, with the launch of Smart Tyre technology in 2020 and now the Puncture Guard Tyre technology.

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This technology provides car owners with the highest standards of safety and convenience. The tyre company says that the system is tested in all Indian on-road and off-road situations, and that it works well.