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J.B. Hunt And BNSF To Expand Intermodal Capacity

TNI || New Delhi || 21st March 2022

J.B. Hunt Transport Services and BNSF Railway have teamed up to increase capacity in the intermodal industry while also satisfying the increasing demands of current customers.

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According to J.B. Hunt officials, the desire for intermodal solutions has increased dramatically in the past few years as businesses seek to secure capacity. J.B. Hunt expects its intermodal fleet to grow to 150,000 containers within next 3 to 5 years, a 40 percent growth from its current count at the end of 2021, based on existing and expected trends.

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Since 2020, the organisation has completed over four million intermodal shipments. BNSF is providing various property sites surrounding key intermodal terminals in Southern California, Chicago, and other significant markets as part of the programme to improve terminal efficiency.

BNSF will also upgrade its railcar equipment to meet the increment in container capacity, resulting in improved throughput and service performance.

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In recent years, growing demand and tight capacity have disrupted intermodal, resulting in poor container speed and detailed and intensive times, says President & CEO, John Roberts, of J.B. Hunt. Notably, J.B. Hunt and BNSF will work together to re-establish the accuracy and stability that customers expect from intermodal services, as well as adopt intermodal transition and transloading services.

J.B. Hunt, in particular, will expand its container count while also increasing its supporting chassis dependent on market demand. Both companies have made huge investments over the years to ensure that intermodal could expand with customers and fulfil the increasing demand for intermodal services.

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To boost rail transport efficiencies, the companies will be using technology, including the industry-leading J.B. Hunt 360°. Intermodal services are supported by J.B. Hunt 360’s digital freight matching platform.

According to J.B. Hunt’s research of 360 deals and annual bid action, an extra 7 to 11 million cargo might be switched to intermodal, providing for long-term growth while cutting emissions.

In 1989, J.B. Hunt and BNSF created a first for modern transportation by inventing a dual transportation system that would compliment both rail and trucking services.

With more than 109,000 53′ containers with company-owned chassis and tractors, J.B. Hunt now has the biggest company-owned intermodal network in North America.

BNSF owns and runs the largest intermodal rail network in the world, moving over 1 million more intermodal units per year than just about any railroad. Thanks to their investments, they also own the fastest intermodal line connecting Southern California and the Midwest.